A Brand-New Dead Space Scripted Podcast Will Be Released in 2024

You’ve been waiting for Isaac Clarke’s return for years. The cult-classic sci-fi horror franchise Dead Space has been silent for over a decade now since the last game released in 2013. While hopes for Dead Space 4 remain uncertain, we finally have an exciting update for fans. Buckle up, space cadets—a brand-new Dead Space scripted podcast series is in the works.

In 2024, an original Dead Space podcast will launch and take listeners into the chilling depths of space once again. Developed by the team at Grimwell Media in collaboration with Electronic Arts  (EA), the podcast promises to expand the lore of Dead Space in new and thrilling ways. Specific plot details are still under tight lock and key, but you can expect the podcast to feature familiar characters, locations, and themes from the games.

Strap on your RIG, charge up your plasma cutter, and get ready to face unspeakable cosmic terrors when the Dead Space podcast launches in 2024. After so many years of radio silence, it’s time for Isaac Clarke’s haunting story to continue. The USG Ishimura awaits.

A Brand New Dead Space Story Set to Launch

Dead Space fans, rejoice! A brand new story set in the chilling Dead Space universe is coming in 2024. EA Motive has announced an original scripted podcast titled “Dead Space: Ascension” to help tide us over until the Dead Space remake arrives.

Ascension will be a 10-part series following a group of miners working on a remote planet when terrifying events start to unfold. The story takes place between the events of Dead Space 2 and 3, so we’ll get to experience more of the Marker’s sinister influence as it spreads through human space.

Voice actors have already been cast to bring the characters to life, with full audio production values to make it an immersive listen. The creative team worked closely with Visceral Games veterans to ensure it delivers an authentic Dead Space experience. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or new to the franchise, Ascension aims to thrill you with heart-pounding action and suspense.

The best part is, you don’t have to wait long. Episode 1 of the podcast series will drop in early 2024, with a new installment releasing every week after that. You can subscribe now to have each episode automatically downloaded as soon as it’s available.

Between the Dead Space remake and now Ascension, the future is looking bright for this iconic sci-fi horror series. And who knows, if the podcast is a hit, EA may consider additional seasons to continue expanding the lore. The Marker calls to us once again – are you ready to answer? Strap in, this is going to be a chilling ride.

What We Know About the Upcoming Dead Space Podcast So Far

The Dead Space franchise has been dormant for nearly a decade, but EA recently announced some exciting news for fans of the survival horror series. In 2024, we’ll be getting an official Dead Space podcast with a full scripted story set in the universe of the games.

While the details are still sparse, here’s what we know so far:

•The podcast will feature an original story and characters, not a direct adaptation of the games. The producers want to explore new parts of the Dead Space universe.

•The show will have high production values, with professional actors, sound design, and music to create an immersive experience. They’re going for a cinematic feel, not just people talking into microphones.

•The plot will center around a new outbreak of the Necromorph plague and humanity’s efforts to contain it. Expect lots of scares, action, and gory details about everyone’s favorite reanimated corpses.

•The podcast will release new episodes on a weekly or biweekly schedule so we have something to look forward to and speculate about. A full season of 6-12 episodes seems likely based on the format.

•Some recognizable elements from the games like certain weapons, locations, and of course the Necromorphs themselves will appear in the story. The producers want to tap into nostalgia while also keeping things fresh.

While waiting for 2024 may feel like an eternity for Dead Space fans, the prospect of diving back into that world in podcast form is incredibly exciting. This could be the start of a whole new era of Dead Space terror! What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming show? Let’s speculate and build the hype. The nightmare is coming back.

The History of the Dead Space Franchise: How Did We Get Here?

The Origins

The Dead Space franchise began in 2008 with the release of the first Dead Space game. Set in the 26th century, the survival horror action-adventure game followed systems engineer Isaac Clarke as he attempted to unravel the mystery behind the derelict starship USG Ishimura. The game was praised for its tense atmosphere, engaging combat system, and gripping sci-fi story.

Building the Universe

Dead Space 2 launched in 2011, continuing Isaac’s harrowing journey. The sequel expanded the universe, providing more details on the sinister Markers and the cult-like religion Unitology. A comic book series, animated films, and other media filled in additional details about the world of Dead Space.

Going Extinct?

Unfortunately, Dead Space 3 in 2013 received a more lukewarm reception, with some critics arguing the horror elements had been toned down in favor of more standard action gameplay. Poor sales led EA to put the franchise on indefinite hold. However, a new generation of gamers discovering the series on streaming platforms has led to a resurgence of interest in returning to the Dead Space universe.

The Future

Rumors of a Dead Space remake or reboot have circulated for years. In 2024, EA finally announced a brand-new scripted podcast set in the Dead Space universe, though no details on the plot or characters have yet been revealed. Whether the podcast will tie into a potential new game remains unknown, but longtime fans of the franchise are excited at the prospect of exploring more of this rich science fiction world.

The Dead Space franchise has had its ups and downs, but still holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. The 2024 podcast gives new hope that this isn’t the end for Isaac Clarke and his terrifying encounters with the Necromorph scourge. More adventures in space may still await us.

What Can We Expect From a Dead Space Podcast?

A scripted podcast set in the Dead Space universe has the potential to explore so many aspects of the franchise. Here are a few things we might expect from an official Dead Space podcast:

Backstory and World-Building

A podcast is the perfect medium to delve into the backstories of characters like Isaac Clarke, Ellie Langford, and The Church of Unitology. We could learn more about life aboard the USG Ishimura before the Necromorph outbreak and gain insights into the socio-political climate of the 26th century. Descriptions of how faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity, and stasis work would help flesh out the technology and realism of the Dead Space world.

New Characters and Storylines

new caracter in dead space game

While continuing the stories of beloved characters, a podcast opens up the opportunity to introduce new protagonists and follow their journeys across the galaxy. We might meet scrappy scavengers surviving on the outskirts of space or Unitologist missionaries spreading their faith on distant colonies. There are so many possible storylines to explore in the rich Dead Space universe that a podcast could tap into.

  • Action and Suspense

With chilling sound effects and dramatic readings, a podcast could generate suspense and action similar to the games. Listening to characters fight off Necromorphs and escape harrowing situations would get the adrenaline pumping, even without visuals. Creative use of audio cues could make for some genuinely scary moments.

Answers to Lingering Questions

A podcast set between Dead Space 2 and 3 could provide answers to questions left unresolved in the games. What happened to Ellie after the Sprawl? How did Isaac end up in stasis again? The fate of certain characters and events during the interim period remain untold, waiting to be revealed. Longtime fans would surely appreciate closure on some of these lingering mysteries.

A Dead Space podcast has almost unlimited potential for expanding the scope and enriching the depth of this beloved sci-fi franchise. With the right creative team and production quality, it could offer an immersive audio experience that further cements Dead Space as a masterclass in world-building and interactive storytelling. The future looks bright for more adventures in the 26th century.

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How to Listen to the Brand New Dead Space Podcast When It Premieres

Check Out the Podcast’s Official Website

When the new Dead Space podcast premieres, the first place you’ll want to go is the show’s official website. There, you’ll find episodes available to stream directly as well as links to subscribe on your favorite podcast app like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.

  • Subscribe right away so you don’t miss an episode of the chilling sci-fi action. New episodes are expected to drop weekly following the premiere.

Find It On Your Go-To Podcast App

If you prefer to listen on your podcast app, search for “Dead Space Podcast” in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or whatever app you typically use. The show should pop up in the search results, allowing you to subscribe with the click of a button.

  • Subscribing is the best way to get new episodes automatically downloaded to your device as soon as they’re released.

Check Social Media for the Latest Updates

For news and announcements about the podcast like behind-the-scenes photos, episode trailers or release date changes, follow the show’s social media accounts. The Dead Space franchise has active profiles on:

  • Twitter: @DeadSpace
  • Facebook: @DeadSpaceGame
  • Instagram: @DeadSpaceGame

The podcast will likely be promoted across all of these platforms. Following now will ensure you stay in the loop about the show before it even premieres.

Listen and Enjoy This New Chapter in the Dead Space Universe!

Once the Dead Space podcast is released and you’ve subscribed on your platform of choice, all that’s left to do is sit back, put on your headphones and enjoy. This scripted series will explore a new story in the Dead Space universe, bringing you all the horror and suspense the franchise is known for. Listen closely—you never know what twists and turns might be lurking in the dark corners of space!


So there you have it, Dead Space fans. It looks like we’ll be exploring the dark depths of the USG Ishimura again in a couple of years. The talented team behind the podcast is promising an immersive experience that will make us feel like we’re right there with Isaac Clarke, fighting off necromorphs and trying to survive against all odds. 2024 may seem like a long way off, but with so many great games, movies, shows, and podcasts out there, the time will fly by. Before you know it, we’ll be tuning in, turning out the lights, and preparing for a scare. The Dead Space franchise has always delivered in freaking us out and keeping us on the edge of our seats. This new podcast is shaping up to continue that tradition. Strap in, space cadets – we’re in for one hell of a ride.

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