The Biggest Diablo 4 Update, Increase Endgame XP Rewards

As an experienced player of the Diablo series, you have likely already spent countless hours grinding your way through the endgame content in Diablo 4. While the journey to max level and chasing those perfect gear rolls can be an engaging challenge, the slow pace of experience gain after reaching the endgame can start to feel tedious. The good news is the latest Diablo 4 update aims to remedy this issue by significantly increasing experience rewards for endgame activities. With these XP buffs, you will now level up your characters and progress through the paragon levels at a much quicker rate, allowing you to more rapidly unlock higher difficulty levels and greater rewards. For players looking to maximize their endgame farming efficiency or push into higher Greater Rifts, this update is a welcome change that should inject some fresh excitement into the endgame experience.

Bounties and Contracts Now Grant More Experience

To provide players more opportunities to gain experience at endgame in Diablo 4, the latest update increases the experience points (XP) rewards for completing Bounties and Contracts.

Bounties, which are randomized objectives in each zone, now grant 50-100% more XP upon completion depending on difficulty level. For example, completing a Bounty on Normal difficulty will grant around 60% more XP, while Hellish difficulty will provide nearly double the XP. This incentivizes players to complete Bounties on higher difficulties.

– Contracts, repeatable quests acquired from faction NPCs in town, also provide more XP. The XP increase for Contracts ranges from 30-70% depending on difficulty.

– Daily Bounty and Contract XP bonuses have been raised to 150% of base values. Players should prioritize completing these daily objectives for maximum XP gains.

To balance these XP changes, the level requirements for Paragon Levels beyond 800 have been slightly increased. While players will level faster through Paragon Levels 1-800, further progression will remain challenging. Overall, these adjustments allow for faster initial endgame leveling while still requiring effort for the most dedicated players to reach maximum level.

With greater XP rewards for Bounties and Contracts, players have more flexibility in how they choose to progress their character’s level at endgame. Whether you enjoy the randomness of Bounties, the structure of Contracts, or a combination of the two, your efforts will be more generously rewarded. Patch 2.6.8 aims to provide more rewarding endgame options for players to experience all Diablo 4 has to offer.

Greater Rifts Feature Improved Progression

To provide players with a more rewarding endgame experience, Diablo 4 will introduce improved progression within Greater Rifts.

Greater Rifts are randomized dungeons with increasingly difficult enemies and bosses. As you progress through Greater Rift levels, enemies become more challenging but also drop better loot. In Diablo 4, Greater Rift progression will be reworked to accelerate player progress to higher difficulty tiers and enable faster acquisition of top-tier rewards.

Specifically, two major changes are coming to Greater Rifts:

  1. Experience (XP) rewards from Greater Rifts will increase significantly, especially at higher difficulty levels. Completing a Level 75 Greater Rift, for example, will grant over double the XP provided in Diablo 3. This increased XP will allow players to level up Paragon points at a quicker pace and reach endgame faster.
  2. The number of Greater Rift Keystones required to open a Greater Rift will decrease. For example, a Level 60 Greater Rift will only cost 3 Keystones instead of the 5 required in Diablo 3. This lower Keystone cost will enable players to run Greater Rifts more often and push into higher difficulties sooner.

Overall, these improvements to Greater Rifts in Diablo 4 will accelerate player progress into more challenging content and provide quicker access to powerful rewards. Players will be able to test their skills in higher Greater Rifts earlier on and perfect their builds through the additional XP and loot. For those seeking an intense endgame experience, Diablo 4’s enhanced Greater Rift progression will not disappoint.

Set Items Drop More Frequently in Higher Difficulties

Increased Difficulty Means Improved Rewards

As you progress into higher difficulties in Diablo 4, set items will drop at an increased rate. This encourages players to push into more challenging content to obtain powerful gear.

  • Torment I-VI difficulties provide a higher chance of set items dropping from elite packs and bosses. The drop rate bonus increases with each higher difficulty. For example, Torment VI may have a 50-100% higher set item drop rate than Torment I.
  • Challenge Rifts also scale in difficulty and offer greater rewards. Higher tier Rifts mean more frequent set item drops from the Rift Guardian. Completing a high-level Challenge Rift in a fast time provides extra loot chests with additional chances for set items.
  • Bounties become more difficult in higher Acts, but the rewards are scaled up accordingly. There is a higher probability of set items dropping from Horadric Caches obtained in Acts V and VI versus Acts I and II.
  • Pushing into higher Greater Rifts provides substantial boosts to the drop rate of legendary and set items from the Rift Guardian. The increase in difficulty is offset by the potential for much more powerful loot.

To maximize your chances of obtaining set items, continuously progress to the highest difficulty you can handle while still completing content efficiently. While the challenges become greater, the rewards also scale up significantly. With strategic skill use and the best gear currently available, you will ascend through the Torment levels and Greater Rifts to reap the benefits of vastly improved drop rates. Stay vigilant for any newly acquired set items that provide damage or survival bonuses to help you push further into higher difficulties.

In summary, conquering higher difficulty tiers in Diablo 4 is the key to acquiring the most powerful set items at an increased rate. The obstacles may be formidable, but the rewards make overcoming them well worthwhile. Perseverance and dedication will allow you to reach new heights where set items flow freely.

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Legendary Gems Provide New Powerful Effects

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Legendary gems provide powerful new effects

Once players reach the endgame in Diablo 4, they will gain access to legendary gems that provide impactful bonuses. Equipping these gems in

your gear slots unlocks potent effects to strengthen your character.

  • The Bane of the Powerful gem increases the damage you deal based on the difference in level between you and the monster. This helps overcome challenges when facing enemies of a much higher level.
  • The Gem of Efficacious Toxin inflicts poison damage over time to enemies you hit. The poison damage stacks up to 10 times, and each stack deals damage independently. This additional damage synergizes well with builds focused on attack speed.
  • The Moratorium gem reduces all damage taken over time by a percentage. Instead, a portion of the mitigated damage is dealt to you over 3 seconds. This allows you to survive bursts of damage that would otherwise defeat you.

By combining multiple legendary gems, characters can achieve powerful combinations of effects. However, each gem requires a certain number of gem power levels to unlock its full potential. Players must continue completing endgame activities, such as Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts, to gain gem power and make their gems more efficacious.

Customize your build

Legendary gems provide new ways for players to customize their character builds. Different classes and playstyles will benefit from certain gems more so than others. Players can experiment with various gem combinations to create unique builds tailored to their preferences. The additional damage, damage mitigation, or other effects gained from legendary gems allows for new build diversity previously unavailable.

Maximizing legendary gems through continued progression in the endgame ultimately unlocks the most potent effects to overcome greater challenges. The road to perfecting your character build is long, but these powerful gems provide motivation to push the limits of your Nephalem’s strength.

Torment Levels Go Up to 16 for Maximum Challenge and Loot

To provide the most challenging experience for players in Diablo IV, Blizzard has increased the maximum Torment difficulty level to 16. At this highest difficulty, monsters will be extremely powerful but also have the best chances of dropping rare and legendary loot.

Greater Risk, Greater Reward

The higher the Torment level, the stronger enemies become and the more health and damage they gain. However, the rewards also improve significantly. Rare and legendary item drop rates increase dramatically at the highest Torment levels, especially for class-specific gear. Players seeking the most powerful loot will want to push into the higher Torment levels as soon as their character gear and builds allow.

Leaderboards and Conquests

For players interested in competitive play, the highest Torment levels also provide opportunities to rank on in-game leaderboards and complete Conquest challenges. The Greater Rift leaderboards track who can complete the highest level Rifts the fastest at each Torment level. Conquests are special challenges that require mastering high-level Greater Rifts and bounties on Torment 15 or higher. Completing Conquests earns achievement points and prestigious banner customizations.

Group Play Recommended

While solo players can work their way up to Torment 16, group play is highly recommended for the most efficient progression at the highest levels. Playing in a group provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased experience gain from grouping bonuses.
  • The ability to combine damage types and support skills for greater effectiveness.
  • Shared loot drops from enemies, increasing the chances of useful gear for your class.
  • Opportunities to trade gear between group members.
  • Increased survivability through healing and crowd control abilities.

For players seeking the ultimate challenge and rewards in Diablo IV, pushing into the highest Torment levels, especially in a well-coordinated group, will be the pinnacle of the endgame experience. The road will be long and perilous, but glory awaits at the top.


The future of Diablo 4 looks incredibly bright. With this latest update, Blizzard has shown they are listening to player feedback and making meaningful changes to improve the overall experience. The increased endgame XP rewards will make the journey to max level feel rewarding yet achievable. For those wanting an even greater challenge, the new Torment levels offer a steeper climb with greater risks and rewards. Between the additional endgame content, quality of life changes, and seasonal rewards, there are so many reasons to dive back into Sanctuary. The gates of Hell have reopened, nephalem. Your destiny awaits.

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