5 Latest Updates on Chicago Cubs’ Pitcher Situation You Need to Know

5 Latest Updates on Chicago Cubs’ Pitcher Situation You Need to Know


The Chicago Cubs, a storied franchise in Major League Baseball (MLB), have always been a focal point for fans and analysts alike. With their rich history and passionate fanbase, every decision and update related to the team garners significant attention. This season, the spotlight is on the Cubs’ pitcher situation, which has seen a series of intriguing developments. Whether you’re a die-hard Cubs fan or a casual baseball enthusiast, staying up-to-date on these changes is crucial.

Pitching is often considered the backbone of a successful baseball team. The Cubs’ recent moves, injuries, and performance shifts among their pitchers have been a hot topic. In this article, we’ll dive into the five latest updates regarding the Chicago Cubs’ pitcher situation, providing detailed insights and analysis. Let’s explore what’s been happening on the mound at Wrigley Field.

1. New Additions to the Pitching Roster

Emerging Talent from the Farm System

The Cubs have always prided themselves on developing talent from within. This season, they’ve called up several promising pitchers from their farm system. These young pitchers bring fresh energy and potential to the team.

  • Justin Steele: One of the most anticipated call-ups, Steele has shown impressive skill in the minor leagues. His fastball and curveball combination has the potential to baffle MLB hitters.
  • Keegan Thompson: Another rising star, Thompson’s versatility as both a starter and reliever provides the Cubs with much-needed flexibility.
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Free Agent Signings

In addition to homegrown talent, the Cubs have made strategic acquisitions through free agency. These signings aim to bolster the pitching staff with experienced arms.

  • Jake Arrieta: Returning to the Cubs, Arrieta brings experience and leadership. Fans hope he can recapture some of the magic from his previous tenure with the team.
  • Trevor Williams: Signed to a one-year deal, Williams is expected to add depth to the rotation. His performance in spring training has been promising.

Impact on Team Dynamics

The new additions have not only strengthened the pitching staff but also influenced the team dynamics positively. Veterans like Arrieta provide mentorship to younger pitchers, fostering a collaborative environment.

2. Injuries and Their Impact

Key Injuries to Watch

Injuries are an inevitable part of sports, and the Cubs have had their share of setbacks this season. Notable pitchers have been sidelined, affecting the team’s overall performance.

  • Adbert Alzolay: A promising young pitcher, Alzolay’s injury has been a significant blow. His absence from the rotation has forced the Cubs to explore other options.
  • Kyle Hendricks: Known for his consistency, Hendricks’ recent injury has left a gap in the rotation. The team is closely monitoring his recovery.

Rehabilitation and Recovery

The Cubs’ medical staff is working tirelessly to ensure injured pitchers return to full strength. Rehabilitation programs are tailored to each player’s needs, aiming for a swift and safe return to the mound.

  • Adbert Alzolay: Undergoing intense physical therapy, Alzolay is making progress. The team remains optimistic about his return later in the season.
  • Kyle Hendricks: Hendricks is on a structured rehabilitation plan. His recovery is crucial for the Cubs’ playoff aspirations.

Short-Term Solutions

To cope with injuries, the Cubs have relied on bullpen depth and minor league call-ups. This approach has been a temporary fix, but the team is eager to have their star pitchers back.

3. Performance Trends and Analytics

Analyzing Pitcher Performance

This season has seen varied performances from the Cubs’ pitchers. Advanced analytics provide a deeper understanding of these trends, highlighting areas of strength and improvement.

  • ERA (Earned Run Average): The team’s overall ERA has fluctuated, with some pitchers excelling while others struggle. Consistency remains a challenge.
  • Strikeout Rates: High strikeout rates have been a positive trend, indicating the pitchers’ ability to overpower hitters.
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Standout Performances

Certain pitchers have delivered standout performances, becoming key contributors to the team’s success.

  • Craig Kimbrel: The veteran closer has been in exceptional form, consistently shutting down games. His experience and skill are invaluable in high-pressure situations.
  • Zach Davies: Acquired in the offseason, Davies has exceeded expectations. His control and pitch selection have made him a reliable starter.

Areas for Improvement

Despite some strong performances, there are areas where the Cubs’ pitching staff needs to improve.

  • Walk Rates: High walk rates have been a concern. Reducing free passes is crucial for minimizing scoring opportunities for opponents.
  • Home Run Prevention: Limiting home runs is another focus area. The coaching staff is working on strategies to keep the ball in the park.

4. Coaching and Strategy Adjustments

New Coaching Staff

The Cubs have made significant changes to their coaching staff, bringing in new perspectives and strategies.

  • Tommy Hottovy: As the pitching coach, Hottovy has introduced innovative training methods. His emphasis on analytics and biomechanics aims to optimize pitcher performance.
  • Chris Young: Joining as the bullpen coach, Young’s experience and tactical acumen are expected to enhance bullpen efficiency.

Strategic Shifts

The coaching staff has implemented strategic shifts to adapt to the evolving dynamics of the game.

  • Pitch Sequencing: Emphasizing pitch sequencing, the Cubs aim to keep hitters off balance. This strategy involves varying pitch types and locations to deceive batters.
  • Load Management: Managing pitcher workloads is crucial to prevent injuries. The Cubs are adopting a cautious approach, ensuring pitchers remain healthy throughout the season.

Impact on Performance

The new coaching strategies have had a mixed impact on performance. While some pitchers have thrived under the new regime, others are still adjusting.

  • Positive Outcomes: Pitchers like Kimbrel and Davies have benefited from the new coaching approach, showing marked improvements.
  • Challenges: For some pitchers, adapting to new strategies has been challenging. The coaching staff is working closely with these players to facilitate a smooth transition.

5. Future Prospects and Long-Term Planning

Prospects to Watch

The Cubs’ farm system continues to produce promising talent. Several prospects are on the cusp of making their MLB debut.

  • Brailyn Marquez: A highly touted left-handed pitcher, Marquez’s fastball can reach triple digits. His development is eagerly anticipated by fans and analysts.
  • Cory Abbott: With a strong track record in the minors, Abbott is another prospect who could make an impact soon.
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Long-Term Contracts and Extensions

Securing long-term contracts for key pitchers is a priority for the Cubs’ front office. Ensuring stability in the pitching staff is crucial for sustained success.

  • Kyle Hendricks: The Cubs are exploring the possibility of extending Hendricks’ contract. His consistent performance makes him a valuable asset.
  • Adbert Alzolay: Recognizing his potential, the Cubs are considering a long-term deal for Alzolay. Investing in young talent is a strategic move for the future.

Organizational Philosophy

The Cubs’ approach to building a competitive pitching staff is guided by a clear organizational philosophy.

  • Player Development: Emphasizing player development, the Cubs aim to nurture talent from within. This approach ensures a steady pipeline of skilled pitchers.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging data and analytics, the Cubs make informed decisions about pitcher acquisition and development. This analytical approach is integral to their strategy.


How are the new additions to the Cubs’ pitching staff performing?

The new additions have had a mixed impact. While veterans like Arrieta and Williams have provided stability, emerging talents like Steele and Thompson have shown promise. Overall, the new pitchers are contributing positively to the team’s performance.

What is the status of injured pitchers like Adbert Alzolay and Kyle Hendricks?

Adbert Alzolay and Kyle Hendricks are both in the rehabilitation phase. Alzolay is making steady progress, while Hendricks is on a structured recovery plan. The Cubs are optimistic about their return later in the season.

How has the new coaching staff influenced pitcher performance?

The new coaching staff, led by Tommy Hottovy and Chris Young, has introduced innovative strategies. While some pitchers have thrived under the new regime, others are still adjusting. Overall, the coaching changes have had a positive impact.

What are the key areas for improvement in the Cubs’ pitching staff?

The key areas for improvement include reducing walk rates and limiting home runs. The coaching staff is working on strategies to address these issues and enhance overall performance.

Which prospects should Cubs fans keep an eye on?

Fans should watch out for Brailyn Marquez and Cory Abbott. Both prospects have shown significant potential in the minors and could make a substantial impact in the near future.


The Chicago Cubs’ pitcher situation is dynamic and multifaceted. From new additions and injuries to performance trends and strategic adjustments, there are numerous factors at play. The Cubs are focused on building a competitive pitching staff through a combination of talent development, strategic acquisitions, and innovative coaching.

Staying updated on these developments is essential for understanding the team’s prospects this season. Whether you’re analyzing player performance or speculating about future prospects, the Cubs’ pitcher situation offers plenty of intrigue and excitement. As the season progresses, fans and analysts alike will be closely watching how these updates unfold, shaping the Cubs’ journey in Major League Baseball.

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