Sparks Fall to Lynx Despite Hamby’s 18 Points in Tough Loss

Los Angeles Sparks Fall Short Against Minnesota Lynx Despite Efforts

In a game where the Los Angeles Sparks faced off against the Minnesota Lynx, Coach Curt Miller’s premonitions about energy and execution came to fruition. Despite his warnings, the Sparks struggled to find their rhythm and quickly fell behind in the first quarter. Although they mustered a comeback attempt in the second quarter, it was ultimately insufficient, leading to an 82-67 defeat at Arena.

A Challenging Start for the Sparks

The Sparks’ performance was marred by a lack of energy and offensive struggles right from the beginning. Trailing by double digits early, they found themselves 29-16 down at the end of the first quarter. Minnesota’s sharp execution saw them hit 11 of their first 16 shots, while the Sparks managed just 3 of 12.

Coach Miller’s Concerns

Coach Curt Miller expressed his dissatisfaction with the team’s performance. “We were outplayed and outcoached. This game underscores why Minnesota is one of the top teams in the league,” he remarked. Miller questioned why it took a significant deficit for the team to respond, pointing to the Lynx’s superior execution and physicality as key factors.

Sparks’ Key Players and Their Performances

Despite the loss, Sparks’ All-Star forward Dearica Hamby stood out with a game-high 18 points and eight rebounds in 37 minutes. However, she was the only player from her team to score in double figures.

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Hamby’s Leadership

Hamby emphasized the importance of leading by example. “I have to start with toughness and physicality from the beginning. It’s about setting the tone intentionally, which doesn’t necessarily work for everyone but is crucial for me as a leader,” she stated.

The Third Quarter Collapse

The third quarter saw the Sparks fall behind by as much as 25 points. Despite their efforts, the team could not sustain their second-quarter momentum, and the Lynx capitalized on their defensive lapses.

Minnesota’s Dominance

Bridget Carleton and Dorka Juhasz were instrumental for Minnesota, scoring 16 and 15 points respectively. Even without their injured MVP candidate Napheesa Collier, the Lynx showcased their depth and experience, extending their winning streak against the Sparks.

Defensive Struggles and Turnovers

The Sparks’ issues were compounded by 20 turnovers and poor shooting from behind the arc. While the Lynx shot 50% from three-point range, the Sparks managed only 15%.

Coach Miller’s Strategy

Miller acknowledged the team’s small margin for error, emphasizing the need to focus on offensive and defensive schemes rather than effort and energy. However, the team struggled to implement these strategies effectively.

Experience and Execution

Hamby pointed out the lack of experience within the Sparks compared to the seasoned Lynx. “Many players here haven’t experienced significant success in the league. We need to start believing in ourselves and trusting the game plan provided by Coach Miller,” she said.

Bright Spots and Future Prospects

Despite the overall disappointing performance, there were some positives. For the first time this season, Azurá Stevens started, replacing the injured Stephanie Talbot. Stevens contributed nine points, six rebounds, and four assists in a season-high 28 minutes.

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Stevens’ Perspective

Stevens remains optimistic about the team’s potential to turn around their season. “We can still push for the playoffs. Defense is something we can control, and that’s what we need to focus on,” she commented.

Lynx’s Defensive Prowess

Minnesota’s defense was a significant factor in their victory. Coach Cheryl Reeve highlighted the importance of defense in overcoming challenging moments during away games. “Our defense is what helps us through tough times. Limiting big runs by staying locked in defensively is crucial,” she explained.

Reeve’s Reflection on the League’s Growth

Reeve also shared her thoughts on the WNBA’s growth over the years. “The league has come a long way. From not being welcomed in our own practice facilities to being celebrated, it’s been an incredible journey. Witnessing this evolution is truly exciting,” she remarked.


What were the key reasons for the Sparks’ loss against the Lynx?
The Sparks struggled with energy and execution, particularly in the first quarter. They also had 20 turnovers and poor shooting from three-point range.

Who were the standout players for the Sparks and Lynx in this game?
Dearica Hamby was the standout for the Sparks with 18 points and eight rebounds. For the Lynx, Bridget Carleton and Dorka Juhasz scored 16 and 15 points respectively.

How did the absence of Napheesa Collier affect the Lynx?
Despite Collier’s absence, the Lynx showcased their depth and experience, with other players stepping up to fill the void.

What did Coach Miller emphasize before the game?
Coach Miller stressed the importance of focusing on offensive and defensive schemes rather than just effort and energy. However, the team struggled to implement these strategies effectively.

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What are the Sparks’ prospects for the rest of the season?
Azurá Stevens remains optimistic about the team’s potential to turn around their season and make a push for the playoffs, emphasizing the need to focus on defense.


The Los Angeles Sparks’ defeat against the Minnesota Lynx highlighted several areas for improvement, particularly in terms of energy, execution, and defensive consistency. Despite the challenges, standout performances from players like Dearica Hamby and Azurá Stevens provide a glimmer of hope for the rest of the season. Moving forward, the Sparks will need to harness their potential and trust in their game plan to turn their fortunes around.

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