Top PUBG Best Weapon Picks for Victory Royale

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG, requires players to have excellent strategies to achieve victory. One critical factor that can make or break your chances of success is weapon choice. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable insights into the best PUBG weapons to improve your gameplay. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player, this PUBG weapon guide will provide you with all the information you need on the best PUBG weapons.

With so many weapons available in the game, it’s essential to know which PUBG weapons are the best and how to use them effectively. In the following sections, we will discuss the best guns in PUBG for different combat situations, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, pistols, and melee weapons. We will also delve into the essential aspects of PUBG weapon stats, including damage, range, recoil, and rate of fire. By the end of this guide, we hope you will have all the knowledge you need to equip yourself with the best PUBG weapon picks to achieve victory royale.

So, if you’re looking for the best PUBG weapons and strategies to improve your gameplay, read on as we explore the top PUBG best weapons that you need to survive and thrive in the game!

Understanding PUBG Weapon Stats

Top PUBG Best Weapon Picks for Victory Royale

When it comes to PUBG, having a good understanding of weapon stats is crucial to your success. The four key stats to consider are damage, range, recoil, and rate of fire. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, and understanding these stats will help you determine which one to choose for any given situation.

Additionally, weapon attachments can make a significant difference in your gameplay. Attachments such as scopes, suppressors, and grips can enhance the performance of your weapon, improving accuracy and reducing recoil. However, it’s important to choose attachments that complement your playstyle and the situation you’re in.

Based on their effectiveness, PUBG weapons can be ranked in a tier list. The list considers factors such as the weapon stats and attachments, making it easier for you to prioritize which guns to pick up and use.

Overall, taking the time to learn and understand PUBG weapon stats and attachments can give you an advantage in the game. Knowing which weapons to choose for different combat situations can help you stay alive and increase your chances of achieving victory.

Best Guns in PUBG: Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles

If you are looking for the best guns in PUBG for long-range engagements, assault rifles and sniper rifles are the go-to options. They offer reliable damage, accuracy, and range, making them ideal for engagements at a distance. However, choosing the right gun can be challenging, as each weapon has its own pros and cons.

1. Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are versatile weapons that can be used in a variety of combat scenarios. They are effective at mid-range and can also hold their own in close-quarters combat. The M416 is considered one of the best assault rifles due to its high accuracy and manageable recoil. However, the AKM is a formidable choice due to its high damage per bullet.

2. Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are the go-to option for long-range engagements. They offer lethal damage and pinpoint accuracy, making them ideal for taking out enemies from a distance. The Kar98k is a popular choice due to its high damage output and easy-to-use iron sights. However, if you are looking for a semi-automatic option, the Mini 14 is an excellent choice due to its high rate of fire and impressive accuracy.

When choosing between the best guns in PUBG, it is important to consider your playstyle and the game’s current meta. With the right weapon loadout, you can increase your chances of achieving victory in the game.

Mastering Close-Range Combat: Shotguns and Submachine Guns

When it comes to close-range combat in PUBG, having the right weapons can make all the difference. Shotguns and submachine guns, in particular, are highly effective in tight and intense battles.

Shotguns are devastating at close range, with their wide spread of bullets dealing significant damage to enemies. However, shotguns are not optimal for medium to long-range combat and have a slow reload time.

Submachine guns, on the other hand, excel at close-range combat with their high fire rate and large magazine capacity. They are also effective for mid-range combat, making them versatile weapons to have in your arsenal.

When choosing between a shotgun and a submachine gun, it is essential to consider the gameplay scenario and the terrain in which you are playing. In close-quarter engagements, a shotgun can be incredibly effective, allowing you to take down enemies with just a few shots. In contrast, a submachine gun will come in handy in situations where more shots are needed with a high rate of fire.

In conclusion, understanding the effectiveness of shotguns and submachine guns in close range is critical to your PUBG weapon strategy. Mastering the right weapons for specific gameplay scenarios will give you an advantage in battles and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Finding the Perfect Sidearm: Pistols and Melee Weapons

While primary weapons are important, never underestimate the power of a good sidearm. In PUBG, pistols and melee weapons are your go-to option when you’re out of ammo in your primary weapon or need a quick finisher.

When looking for the perfect sidearm, consider factors such as magazine size, accuracy, and reload time. Some effective pistols in PUBG include the P18C, which has full auto fire and a high magazine capacity, and the P1911, which deals high damage and is overall reliable.

Melee weapons, on the other hand, are excellent when you’re in a situation where you don’t want to reveal your location or when you run out of ammo. Use them wisely, especially when sneaking up behind an enemy or when you need to take a few whacks at a downed opponent. Some of the best melee weapons in PUBG include the Pan and Machete. They deal high damage and have a decent swing range, making them effective at close range.

Make sure to include a sidearm in your loadout, as it could make a significant difference in a fight. A good pistol or melee weapon can complement your primary weapon, giving you an edge in any combat situation. Remember, sometimes the smallest addition to your loadout can be the deciding factor in achieving victory.

So, before you load into the game, consider which sidearm to bring and how it can support your primary weapon strategy.


Conquering the battlefield in PUBG requires the right strategy and equipment. By following this comprehensive guide, you now have a solid understanding of the top PUBG best weapons and how to use them effectively.

Remember to prioritize the best weapons based on the combat situation, understand weapon stats, and equip yourself with the right sidearms.

With this knowledge, achieving victory in PUBG is within reach. Keep practicing and fine-tuning your strategy, and soon enough, you’ll be adding Victory Royales to your collection.

We hope this PUBG weapon guide has been helpful. Good luck and happy gaming!


What are the best weapons in PUBG?

The best weapons in PUBG can vary depending on your playstyle and preferences, but some popular choices include the M416 assault rifle, Kar98k sniper rifle, and SCAR-L assault rifle.

How do PUBG weapon stats affect gameplay?

PUBG weapon stats such as damage, range, recoil, and rate of fire play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of a weapon. Understanding these stats can help you make informed decisions and choose the right weapon for different combat situations.

Are there attachments available for PUBG weapons?

Yes, PUBG offers a variety of weapon attachments such as scopes, grips, and muzzle attachments. These attachments can enhance your weapon’s performance by improving stability, reducing recoil, and increasing accuracy.

Which PUBG weapons are top-tier?

Some of the top-tier PUBG weapons include the AWM sniper rifle, Groza assault rifle, and M249 light machine gun. These weapons have high damage, accuracy, and can give you a significant advantage in battles.

What are the best assault rifles and sniper rifles in PUBG?

The best assault rifles in PUBG include the M416, SCAR-L, and AKM. Meanwhile, the top sniper rifles are the Kar98k, M24, and AWM. These guns provide excellent accuracy and damage for long-range engagements.

Which shotguns and submachine guns are recommended for close-range combat?

For close-range combat, shotguns like the S1897 and S12K are popular choices due to their high damage output. Submachine guns like the UMP9 and Vector also excel in close-quarters with their high fire rate and manageable recoil.

Are pistols and melee weapons important in PUBG?

While pistols and melee weapons may not be the primary choices, they can still be valuable in certain situations. The P18C pistol is known for its full-auto mode, providing close-range firepower, and melee weapons like the pan can block incoming shots from behind.

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