Players from World of Warcraft can now Craft Unobtainable Raid Tier Armor

For over 15 years, Players from World of Warcraft have aspired to collect the most prestigious armor and weapons that signify completion of the game’s most challenging raid encounters. However, as new expansions are released, the gear from previous tiers becomes increasingly difficult to obtain. Now, players have the opportunity to craft replicas of armor from legacy raids that is no longer available in the game.

Through a new system called “Timewalking Crafting,” players can now use rare reagents and materials to craft armor sets from raids as far back as Classic WoW and The Burning Crusade. To craft each piece of gear, players must collect a variety of ingredients from dungeons and raids across multiple expansions. The materials are rare drops, so completing an entire set will require dedication and patience.

For many players, this is an exciting chance to finally obtain armor that represents the pinnacle of WoW raiding from years past. New players can also work to collect iconic sets from before they started playing. While still challenging to acquire, Timewalking Crafting makes the unobtainable obtainable once more. Players of all experience levels now have the opportunity to craft and wear armor that signifies the completion of WoW’s most memorable raid tiers. The chance to collect pieces of WoW history is an alluring prospect for any dedicated player.

How to Craft Raid Tier Armor Sets

Previously unobtainable, the coveted raid tier armor sets from World of Warcraft can now be crafted by players. By gathering rare materials and combining them in the correct order, you have the opportunity to make a piece of WoW history.

To craft a full set of raid tier armor, you must first collect all necessary materials. This includes:

  • Primal Sargerite, found only in the Antorus raid
  • Argunite, obtained through missions on Argus
  • Empyrial Essences, dropped from rare spawns on Argus
  • Primal Obliterum, created by obliterating Primal Sargerite

Once you have gathered adequate supplies, visit your profession trainer to learn the tier set recipes. Each piece of armor has a minimum player level and crafting skill requirement to create.

When you are ready, open your profession window and navigate to the “Unobtainable Sets” category. Select the tier you wish to craft, then click “Create Armor Piece” to begin construction. The materials and quantities needed for each item will be listed. Add the required elements and click “Craft” to make your chosen armor piece.

By diligently obtaining resources and progressively crafting each part, players can now construct full sets of gear once only available from the most difficult raid content. With time and effort, you too can proudly wear a hard-earned trophy from World of Warcraft’s storied past.

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Materials Needed for Each Armor Piece

To craft the unobtainable raid tier armor sets in World of Warcraft, you will need to gather several materials for each armor piece.

  • Eternal Orbs: These orbs are required to craft each armor piece and can be purchased from auction houses or crafted by Enchanters. You will need between 2 to 8 orbs for each armor piece, depending on the slot.
  • Primal Might: This reagent is needed for all Burning Crusade armor pieces. Primal Mights are crafted by Alchemists using Primal Fires, Primal Waters, Primal Airs and Primal Earths. You will require 2 to 6 Primal Mights per armor piece.
  • Nether Vortex: Nether Vortices are necessary for crafting armor from the Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern raids. They can be obtained as boss drops within those raids. Each armor piece will require 2 to 8 Nether Vortices.
  • Spellcloth, Shadowcloth, Primal Mooncloth: These specialty cloths are tailoring materials needed to craft armor for Mages, Warlocks, and Healers. The different cloths correspond to specific armor types and slots. You will need 2 to 8 pieces of the appropriate cloth for each armor piece.

By gathering these essential materials, players can craft replica tier armor sets that are no longer obtainable in the game. With some time and effort acquiring the necessary reagents, you too can own a piece of WoW history and sport the iconic armor sets from past expansions. Staying dedicated to collecting all the materials for a full set can be challenging but also rewarding for dedicated players.

List of Raid Tier Sets Now Available

raid tier armor sets in World of Warcraft

Tier 1: Molten Core

Players can now craft the tier 1 raid set, Lawbringer Armor, that drops from Molten Core. This tier set is ideal for Paladins, with intellect and stamina-boosting stats to aid in healing and tanking.

Tier 2: Blackwing Lair

The tier 2 armor set, Judgment Armor, is available to craft. This set provides bonuses to intellect and spell power, suitable for Paladins focusing on damage output and healing. The set drops from Blackwing Lair, home to the black dragon Nefarian.

Tier 3: Naxxramas

Crafting options now include the tier 3 raid set, Redemption Armor, which was formerly only available in Naxxramas, Kel’Thuzad’s floating citadel. This set grants bonuses to healing and spell critical strike, useful for Paladins specializing in healing their allies during raids and dungeons.

Additional Sets

Several other Paladin sets from older raids are now craftable, including:

  • Lightforge Armor (Tier 0.5): A dungeon set upgrading tier 0 with stamina and intellect bonuses. Drops from dungeons like Stratholme and Scholomance.
  • Soulforge Armor (Tier 0.5): An upgraded version of Lightforge with additional bonuses, such as mana regeneration. Also drops in high-level dungeons.
  • Crystalforge Armor (Tier 0.5): The final upgraded dungeon set with substantial bonuses to intellect, stamina, healing, and mana. Drops from the same high-level dungeons as the previous sets.

With these legacy raid and dungeon sets now craftable, Paladins can obtain powerful armor with set bonuses that provide benefits for various playstyles. Players no longer need to run outdated content repeatedly to complete armor sets from past expansions. The availability of these sets allows players to craft pieces of nostalgic armor unavailable for years to use for transmogrification or gearing lower level characters.

Top 5 Most Popular Raid Tier Sets Being Crafted

Tier 2 (Black Temple)

The second raid tier set, from Black Temple, is a popular crafting choice for players chasing a classic look. The warlock set, called the Tier 6 Vestments, epitomizes the Burning Crusade esthetic with angular shoulders, menacing helm, and tribal accouterments. The druid set, Thunderheart Regalia, provides a woodland flair with antlers and leafy accents.

Tier 4 (Tempest Keep)

The Tier 4 set from Tempest Keep offers bold silhouettes that appeal to players preferring a cosmic vibe. The mage set, called Netherwind Regalia, features a striking helm with two fin-like projections and asymmetric shoulders. The hunter set, Demon Stalker Armor, incorporates metallic fabrics and neon accents for an futuristic feel.

Tier 5 (Serpentshrine Cavern)

The Tier 5 armor from Serpentshrine Cavern provides an amphibious theme suitable for battle in a sunken temple. The shaman set, known as Nordrassil’s Battlegear, includes a fish-inspired helm, spiny pauldrons, and seaweed motifs. The priest set, Avatar Regalia, echoes the shaman gear with a squid-like helm but incorporates feathered shoulders and holy symbols for a angelic spin.

Tier 3 (Naxxramas)

The Tier 3 set from the Naxxramas 40-player raid is a prestigious choice, reflecting the accomplishment of besting one of the most challenging raids from classic WoW. The paladin set, called Judgment Armor, is particularly iconic with its golden accents and massive crystalline mace. The rogue set, Bonescythe Armor, provides a menacing skeletal visage with bony spurs and a skull-shaped helm.

Tier 1 (Molten Core)

The original Tier 1 armor from Molten Core is a nostalgic option for veteran players. The warrior set, called Might of Menethil, features solid plating and molten metals. The Tier 1 druid set, Cenarion Raiment, has a leafy, woodland design with antlers and feathers. For a classic look, the Tier 1 sets are hard to beat.

Where to Farm the Materials

Now that you have learned how to craft the unobtainable Tier 3 armor sets from original World of Warcraft raids, it’s time to gather the necessary materials. Farming the ingredients to craft these pieces may require patience, but with the right locations and techniques, you’ll have the materials in no time.

Farming Thorium Ore

Thorium Ore is essential for crafting the bracers, belts, and boots in the Tier 3 sets. The best locations to farm Thorium Ore are:

  • Un’Goro Crater – This zone has the highest concentration of Thorium veins in the game. The entire zone is filled with Thorium Ore. Focus on the outer rim of the crater and the areas in the south.
  • Winterspring – The caves in Winterspring, especially the Ice Thistle Hills and Frostfire Ridge areas, contain a high number of Thorium veins. The yetis also have a chance to drop Thorium Ore.
  • Blasted Lands – While not as dense as Un’Goro Crater or Winterspring, the Blasted Lands still contain a good amount of Thorium Ore, especially in the Tainted Scar area in the south.

Farming Arcanite Crystals

Arcanite Crystals are required to craft the helmets, legs, and chest pieces in the Tier 3 sets. They are rare drops from Rich Thorium Veins and Arcane Crystals have a chance to drop instead of Thorium Ore. The best way to farm Arcanite Crystals is:

  1. Farm Rich Thorium Veins in the locations mentioned above, especially Un’Goro Crater and Winterspring.
  2. Have a miner with at least 275 skill use an Arcane Crystal Tracking buff to increase the drop chance.
  3. Rare elites in these high-level zones also have a small chance to drop Arcane Crystals upon death.

With the materials gathered and in hand, you’ll be crafting Tier 3 armor pieces for your characters in no time. Stay patient, farm efficiently using these tips, and you’ll have a complete set before you know it. Let the nostalgic raiding memories begin!

In conclusion, the recent development in World of Warcraft allowing players to craft previously unobtainable raid tier armor is an exciting opportunity. This update grants players the chance to acquire powerful gear that was once exclusive, enhancing their gameplay experience and providing new challenges. By introducing this feature, the game continues to evolve and engage its dedicated player base, fostering a sense of accomplishment and creativity within the virtual world. Embrace the chance to obtain rare armor sets and embark on epic adventures in Azeroth!

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